Face close up Dec 2013 SNAG-0000Always All Smiles!

Hello our precious prayer warriors, this week we need extra prayers.  Rhema has her SB clinic day this week where we will see all of her medical team in one day.  The specific prayer need is for the testing they will do prior to her clinic time.  Rhema will have ultrasounds and x-rays, which she does pretty well with, however, this is her big Urodynamic study where they will fill her bladder with fluid and also use needles to hold on the instruments that detect muscle reactions and readings.  Her first Urodynamic study went “well” and she did not feel a thing, so there was not fussing and she was very calm.  As much as I love not to have her under duress, I wish she had more sensation and control than they currently diagnose her with.  Either way, sensation or not, please pray that she does well with these tests and that a spirit of peace would rest over us all.  Also, I’m praying for a good report that her bladder and kidneys look fine with no evidence of change and that we do not have to begin intermittent cathing.

We appreciate your prayers also as we are still discussing the replacing of her ortho surgeon and must make that decision soon to get her surgery on the calendar for January.  We will be discussing this topic in clinic also.   All of your prayers are much needed and we are thankful for each and every one of you guys!  At the end of the week we will do an update from clinic and also about her surgery decision and the clinic results.

Blessings to you all!