4th Birthday Sweet Smile2 Upclose face Aug 2014 SNAG-0000Our Precious Princess

All our bags are packed (not really) and we’re ready to go….. well, some bags are packed.  LOL!  Rhema has a total of five doctor appointments over the next three days.  The AWESOME news is that her urine came back with all normal levels, so the awful UTI that has plagued her is GONE!!  Praise the Lord!  That means that she has the “green light” to have her Urodynamic study done this Wednesday.  I’m so happy that she is free and clear; I’m happy that we can get this test behind us.  However, I am always uneasy when she has to have an invasive test that I know will be unpleasant for her.  We covet all your prayers this coming Wednesday morning for peace during the procedure and for miraculous results– i.e. we are praying that it shows no bladder spasms.  Join us in believing for this…..

Also, we will be receiving council from our surgical team and our mobility expert team on what to do about another kind of bracing to assist Rhema with her mobility goals.  Pray for wisdom for our team and for ourselves as we discuss this vital, much needed, change.  Also, whatever bracing  is decided, Rhema will be molded for it on Thursday.  From what they’ve explained to me the “molding” process is long and messy.  Join us in praying that Rhema will be at peace during this process and that she will sit still to get a good mold.  This is the most extensive molding she will have had, so it will all be new to her.

Oh, and we’ve contacted the Child Life Department and will be bringing the donation to them while at Children’s!!!  We’ve had 2 more coloring books donated and 3 more packs of crayons!!!  That brings our total of 114 total items we have right now!!!  Rhema and I have not even shopped yet!!!  Awesome!!!

We will be doing small posts from the road to keep everyone updated.  We covet you prayers the next 72 hours for safe travels and for all the medical appointments.  We are blessed to have so many prayer warriors!!!


Rhema’s Momma