Rhema had a rough night. She began crying about an hour after falling asleep with her shunt swelling. The shunt went down but she continued to cry for an hour then sleep for an hour. This pattern went on until about 6:30am. All this really began earlier last night when she began to sneeze, cough and have congestion. So, over the course of the night we became less concerned about the shunt and more thinking that it was a headache. We got a little Motrin in her but then she threw up everything and her dinner. After we got the sheets changed, all of us changed as her playing a game on her tablet we decided to try to give her meds again. This time she took it down with out throwing up and about 30 minutes later she looked much better. We all fell asleep around 7:30am and finally got some rest. Poor daddy woke up earlier than us and he is really not feeling well himself. I, momma, have some congestion and headache but am not too bad.

Please pray for our little girl and all of us to feel better. Rhema has not eaten anything today yet and has only sipped a little juice. She really looks pitiful. 🙁