Doctor UTI Again September 2013 SNAG-0005Time For Your Check-Up!

Baby Girl has a UTI again!  We’ve been suspicious that her previous UTI was not completely under control.  Rhema has been up every night acting uncomfortable, crying at her door and then ending up in the bed with momma.   It’s crazy, she never runs a fever or acts uncomfortable during the day.  It’s just at night she is very restless, acts uncomfortable while I watch the monitor and then ends up on the floor crying at her door after about 3-4 hours of sleeping in her bed.  So, back to the doctors we went for a urine cath and yep, her levels are still too high with a UTI.  This is our second round in about a month and a half!  I’ve kept her home from school this week to allow her to rest later in the morning and also to get the antibiotics going in her system.  We’ve doubled up on her pro-biotic to help her immunity system while on the antibiotic and are praying that she will begin to sleep regularly soon.  Please join us in praying that this round will help her levels so she can rest comfortably.  Also, pray that if there is more we can do that we will find it too as we are always researching things to help.  Blessings to all our prayer warriors!!!