I wanted to share with you all something that both humbled me and touched my heart on such a deep level when I heard about it.

The children you see here are true prayer warriors… When they heard about Rhema’s situation they chose to fast and pray for her daily. They specifically chose to fast desserts. Can you image the difficulty as a child to fast desserts?! The thing that blessed me was when they were at their grandmother’s house (without their parents around) she did not know about them fasting desserts and offered them cookies. And folks, these precious, faithful prayer warriors turned down the cookies and explained to their grandmother about Rhema and that they were fasting for her. Doesn’t that just humble you to your knees??!! I cried when I heard this from their grandmother and still cry even now as I’m typing this out. What faithfulness! What a testimony! How precious and powerful!

My prayer is this blesses your hearts, sweet friends who pray, as it does mine. Also, my prayer is that it births new resolve in us all to pray and fast and to follow these children’s example. Jesus himself said “we must come as a child”. Let us all commit ourselves anew to follow hard after God and let’s wait expectantly on HIM who is faithful to complete the good work He has begun!

Blessings on You all!