Rhema is some better tonight. She vomited several more time through the day, however after one huge last mess she all of a sudden looked improved and her eyes got their sparkle back. 🙂 I love those sparkling blue eyes! She perked up and has been playing and happy ever since. The bad news is her shunt site is still swollen. We don’t know what to make of it…. She has eaten tonight and kept it down and is eating more now and doing great. PTL! So, now we are watching the swelling issue. Her neurosurgeon said to watch it and we will talk again tomorrow about her status. We will only rush her to the ER is her condition deteriorates. Please keep up the prayers for the swelling issue. My main concern is this could be leading up to a shunt malfunction which would mean another surgery. 🙁 It’s only been 8 months since her last one. Thank you all for your prayers; I will do an update before bed tonight.