Rhema is still struggling with eating since being sick last week. She will not eat much, she gags and vomits, and just takes forever to eat a little bit. We don’t think it’s still viral it’s more like she is just not back to normal yet. Other than the eating issue she is fine; she plays and acts normally. She has had some issues with her bowels but that is a constant work in progress with trying to keep her from getting impacted. We feel she is okay with that for now; I pray we are not wrong.

We’ve checked her ears and have been suspicious of her teething her back teeth in, but nothing really adds up. Please pray wisdom for us to figure this out if it’s something we need to address medically. And please pray she returns to a normal eating schedule. I’m concerned she is not eating enough and don’t want her to go backwards from the progress she’s made with her weight.

Thank you for your prayers on this….Blessings to you all dear family and friends who pray!