PT with big brother Steven!

Rhema will be meeting with her medical team in a few days and have many tests performed so it’s time for “knees to meet carpet” and prayers to be lifted.  Clinic days are always really hard on us all both physically and emotionally.  Physically it’s hard because it’s a long drive, a long day with multiple scans and procedures on Rhema and a long day of multiple, stress-filled meetings.  Emotionally it’s hard because once again all of the issues and setbacks Rhema has are brought out into the light and we discuss in detail all aspects of each of them.  I am already feeling my muscles tightening up and breathing is difficult as I am preparing my notes and researching everything needed to have intelligent discussions with all our team. The main topics of this clinic will be address Rhema’s mobility challenges and her urological/bowel challenges.  Both areas have presented multiple issues for Rhema in the last six months and we need guidance/assistance to improve her physical health.

I promised a list of prayer targets so here goes:  Peace for Rhema during all her tests & procedures, Protection for Rhema and us while being in a hospital environment, Blessing over all the folks who are on Rhema’s medical & therapy team, Wisdom from the Lord for all Rhema’s medical & therapy team, Wisdom, Discernment & Clarity of thought and speech for us as her parents, & Special Sensitivity/Hearing for us, Rhema’s parents, so that we may be used by the Lord among the parents, kids and medical personnel.  Even under stress and in stressful places, like clinics, hospitals and doctor offices we strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus; a light in a dark place.

Many, many thanks to all of our family and friends who pray!  We covet your prayers and do not take one of you for granted as you keep our little Rhema lifted before the Lord “Who is able to do exceeding abundantly above more than we can ask or think”…. Hallelujah!  Let praying commence!