Oh, Where are those sparklin’ baby blues today?

Rhema has had a fever all day and is throwing up.  We’ve been suspicious of her big, back teeth coming in and we pray that those little teeth are the culprit to this recent bout with fever.  She has been lethargic, will not drink her milk, and will not eat anything but crackers.

The cause could be a number of things ranging from the simple– teething or virus, to some more scary– a UTI or an ear ache or even more scarier– a another impaction or a shunt issue.  So, it’s time for knees to meet carpet and prayers to be said for Momma and Daddy to discern what code level we are to shift into.  Is it a wait and see, a trip to a local doc or are we headed to Children’s post-hast for a once over by her medical team?  It’s anyone’s guess right now.  Since we were home today I administered a bowel treatment, which she did take, so we hope that will help out any obstructions that we feel may be present.  Rhema is resting now, but I must wake her soon for dinner and see how things are looking with her.  She resisted napping until a crazy hour of the afternoon and then finally decided to pass out in her daddy’s arms.

We covet all the prayers for us and Rhema over the next 24 hours; prayer for healing and safety for her and wisdom and discernment for us.  Blessings to all our family and friends who pray…. we will keep ya’ll posted.