Kisses To ALL From Our Precious Little Pumpkin!

On Friday last week we got a call saying Rhema’s clinic appointment to see all her Medical team has been shifted to the end of November- –  Momma’s was not too happy.  Rhema’s left hip has been showing signs of trauma and there has been suspicion that it may be dislocating or attempting to dislocate.  We’ve been watching it closely; it’s very disconcerting as she has never had issues with her hip joints like many kids do with SB.  So, with the recent news of another delay of seeing the folks who can diagnose what we are visually seeing and then do something about it to prevent further damage, we made a call and she is seeing her Physiatrist tomorrow for her appointment and x-rays.  Momma is more happy now.  We will see her Physiatrist, get his recommendations for what he thinks will correct the hip issue and her legs inward turning and then on Wednesday she will see her Orthopedist with that info/RX and also pick up her new AFOs/”Helper Shoes.”  Praise God for the new “helper shoes” as the one’s she wears now are so tiny on her and are causing bruising and red marks in several places on her legs and feet.

The prayer need is: 1- for the hip not to be damaged and it be a simple fix for the issue we’ve observed, 2-the Physiatrist to have wisdom from the Lord the next BEST steps to help our Rhema’s legs, hips and mobility issues, and 3- wisdom and discernment for us, her parents, to know what IS the best next steps and how to implement them.  Also, for safety for us on the road and protection for all of us from catching any illness while at Children’s for x-rays, etc….

Many, many thanks for all our prayer warriors out there!  We love you all and covet your continued prayers for our precious Rhema!