Rhema over the last few days has not been feeling well. We’ve been suspicious for a while that her shunt may be having problems due to sleep disturbances. On Monday she barely nibbled her breakfast and feel back asleep the whole morning; when she woke up she vomited and her shunt was swollen. BUT after that the swelling decreased and she acted fine. However she has still not eaten really good any of her meals since Monday. Yesterday she felt warm and we checked her temp which was 99.9; however after we prayed for her her temp returned to normal last night before she went to bed. Her shunt swells off and on and she woke up this morning at 4am crying with a very swollen shunt. She fell back asleep around 5am and the swelling had gone down some so I propped her on pillows and she slept through the night. Today she is still not wanting to eat much (even though I’m giving her all her favorites and some new stuff to taste) and she is acting fine wanting to play and just talking, talking, and more talking.
Please pray with us for wisdom to know what to do and when to do it. Pray that this “sputter” passes and does not require surgical intervention. Blessings to you all and we will post an update on her soon.