At The Docs….

We prayed about it and decided to take Rhema in to her local doctor to see if perhaps there are some other factors we were dealing with that could be influencing her CSF levels.  I must admit that I was hoping to find something that would explain all her symptoms and that all this maybe was not “shunt failure” related.  Well, the findings were surprising: Rhema has BOTH the flu and strep throat.  Poor kid, no wonder why she does not want to eat anything!

We talked to her Neurologist and he is holding a spot available for her next week should we see that her shunt swelling is not improving; right now we are hoping that with some medication and time, all this will resolve and a cranial MRI will not be necessary.  So, that’s the report folks…. PLEASE pray for her quick recovery, that she will eat and drink so we can avoid dehydration and pray that all of us here in the house will be protected from contracting any of this from Rhema.  Another BIG prayer request is that her shunt be fully functional and not have any obstructions or build-up on the tubing.

Blessings to you all and we appreciate all our family and friends who pray!

PS. Look at that precious smiling face!  Even with being so sick, she still has a HUGE smile for Momma & all ya’ll!  Precious, just precious…..