Hello our sweet friends who pray,

We arrived back home from getting Rhema's casts removed and getting her new braces and shoes to find her tricycle front and center in the living room. We'd hid it from her while the casts were on because she could not ride it with the huge casts. She sat on it for quite a while, very excitedly and talked and talked!

Our prayer need is this Thursday the Lindsay Foundation will vote on Rhema's application for a grant for physical therapy sessions/medical equipment. For Rhema to be able to resume her PT clinic hours next week she needs this grant to be awarded. Please join with us in praying the board will approve her application promptly. We should hear from Mrs. Laurie, the founder, either Thursday night or Friday at the latest with the board's decision.

Thank you so much for your prayers our sweet friends who pray!  We will post an update as soon as we hear something. 🙂