Rhema is pictured here at the Spina Bifida Association Christmas party surrounded by her presents.  She got THREE nice presents and she loved seeing all the festivities.  She sat with Santa and got to meet many new folks who will be helping to take care of her at her new Children's Hospital.

The prayer need is on this Monday, December 12th, Rhema is meeting with her neurosurgeon about potentially undergoing her second shunt revision.  This all came about while we were at the Spina Bifida Association Christmas Party.  The Children's Hospital Spina Bifida clinic coordinator was at the party and noticed Rhema's swelling around her shunt and was concerned. We explained we were concerned as well, especially since Rhema has not been sleeping well lately and her swelling is HUGE when she wakes up every morning. The SB coordinator got a neurological nurse, who just happened to be there, to take a look at Rhema during the party and they both felt Rhema should be seen ASAP. The coordinator was so amazing, she immediately began calling Rhema's neurosurgeon to see when she could be fit in as soon as possible.  We were very surprised to see her calling him on a Sunday and that she had his cell phone number!  WOW!  We feel in retrospect that having these individuals be at the party, at such a time as this, was a Divine intervention for our precious Rhema.  Even with that sensation, as we drove home we were upset at the hard reality that Rhema may be in surgery again less than 8 months from the last shunt surgery, thus having TWO surgeries in less than a year. 

I must admit, I'm still very upset over this potentially happening again.  While I am typing this update I'm watching my precious girl playing and my heart is saddened to think she may be in surgery soon.  If this comes to pass, her head will be shaved, possibly on both sides and all the curly hair we’ve been enjoying will be tucked away in a zip lock bag that I will keep for her baby book.  I know it sounds vein, but I’ve enjoyed brushing her curls and want to have Christmas pictures with her with all her beautiful locks.  She will have 1, potentially 2, incisions on her precious head and 1, potentially 2, on her abdomen all being held together by staples until the incisions close.  She will have multiple head CT scans and x-rays of her head and abdomen before and even after her surgery.  The after surgery scans and x-rays are the worse because it hurts her when they have to contort her head into the optimum position to get good images of the shunt and cranial ventricles. Our last post-surgery experience was very rough on Rhema and us so I'm praying for this one not be similar.  We learned a lot from our last surgery and, if this comes to pass, we will apply our knowledge to this one which I pray will make her and our experience more peaceful. 

So, my sweet friends who pray, it's time to once again to go boldly to the throne of grace and pray for our Rhema.  Our first and foremost prayer is for a Divine miracle for wholeness and healing that Rhema will never, ever even need a shunt.  A prayer such as that is "out there" and "crazy" to our human minds, but our God has done some "out there" things before; remember the Red Sea, the mute man healed with Divine spit, and man who was sleeping in church, fell out a window, was dead and then was raised?  Radical miracles call for radical faith filled prayers, join with us and let's believe together. 

Let me be clear, we are not in denial that this surgery may need to take place by making the above request and statement.  We are very aware that God may use this group of doctors to minister to our daughter's current needs.  So, if this surgery does take place, then here are the points you can pray along with us:

– discernment, skill, and precision for the surgeon and his staff and the anesthesiologist

– sweet, skilled and caring nurses

-NO, NONE, ZERO infections (this is very important, because of how lethal shunt   infections can be)

-a rapid, complete, peaceful recovery

I know this is a long post, but bless you for sticking it out and reading all of this….  Many, many blessings and thanks to YOU, our friends who pray.  We will do an update after our meeting on Monday as to our next step.