Rhema did a great job at Hippo Therapy this week!  She sat up so tall and straight for her therapist!

After therapy I took her by a pumpkin patch!  She LOVED IT!!!  I have more pictures I will share soon!

Rhema donated $1 to the March of Dimes while at the Doc’s Office!

Here is the prayer need:  Rhema is still not eating well and we’ve increasingly become concerned that it may be a sign of issues with her Chiari II deformation.  Her neurosurgeon recommended we take her to her pediatrician for a once over.  So, after pumpkins we went to lunch and she ate so very little, so off to the pediatrician we went.  I keep a close eye on her ears, especially after her hospitalization a few months back with a double ear infection, and they’ve looked fine at home.  I also really watch her urine for UTI signs; all seemed well there too.  The doc confirmed her ears are fine, her teeth/teething issues are normal, and I insisted on a cath. to check her urine even though I’ve not seen anything to raise suspicions.  My though was, we are here, it’s something I cannot really check at home and why not just to rule out all possibilities before having to take her to Children’s for a MRI for a Chiari check.  The initial result on her urine was fine and the doctor concluded that Rhema looked well on all fronts and offered one other test that we’d have to come back for and suggested if her symptoms persisted that we come in on Monday for that test.  However, just yesterday, the lab called and said Rhema’s urine culture did “grow” something so they feel she has a UTI.  Her sample has to sit for 48 hours to grow and then be identified so we know what antibiotic they recommend.  Soooo, that brings us to now…. We’ve contacted her Urologist and then again, her Neurosurgeon and we are all waiting to get the report on Monday.  In the meanwhile, she is eating some better and we’ve been able to get her to drink more.

So, join us this weekend in praying that the culture will be clear and that her medical team will have wisdom to know what is the best course of action to help our little girl.  We rarely put her on antibiotics, and her Urologist feels the same way, but this may be a case where it’s needed to get her back to eating regularly and feeling better.  Also, please pray that this is not all part of a Chiari issue…Rhema has had little to no issues with this and we don’t want to start having issues.

Blessings to all our family and friends who pray!