Rhema woke up at 5am crying and with her shunt swollen. She stayed up all morning with her head hurting, swollen shunt and fussy. She would rest 10 or 15 minutes and then wake up wimpering and pulling at her head. We’re on hold about heading to Children’s hospital as she has eaten, the shunt area has gone way down and she is playing. Please, please pray that everything settles down. Also, please pray for wisdom for us to know when to head to hospital and when to stay and wait, watch and pray. Thank you so much for your prayers, our sweet friends and family who pray…. PS. This picture she is playing with her Birthday gift from her grandma and grandaddy. (Her party was yesterday and she had a blast!) Her actual Birthday is the 9th, but we celebrated early due to scheduling to get ALL her family there. Pictures will be coming soon when I can go through all 1000 of them 😉