Rhema has an appointment on Wednesday at the Spina Bifida Clinic.  She will be seeing all of her specialist, her brace guy, and a myriad of other folks.  It will be a very long day…..

We are requesting special prayer for her urodynamic testing on Wednesday morning at 9am central time!  I must say, I'm VERY apprehensive about this test and the pain/discomfort it will cause my girl.  It is a necessary evil and something I've really dreaded. Pray for wisdom, discernment and skilled hands over the physician.  Pray for no contamination of equipment used for the procedure.  Pray for peace to envelop our precious Rhema during the test.  Pray for a good report of miraculous healing as evidenced by their findings.  And yes, pray for a very tense, nervous momma….. I cringe when I think of what my precious girl must endure.  Pray for wisdom on my part to speak what needs to be said to the physician.  Pray for him to be receptive to my question, concerns and yes, my discernment on Rhema's condition. 

Secondly, we are requesting prayer for wisdom and discernment over her other physicians as to why Rhema's feet have slowly turned back inward.  There could be a very serious reason why and have a very serious solution or it could be a very simple reason why and have a very simple solution.  Pray they are able to correctly determine what the cause is and provide a complete solution for this issue.  Pray it's the simple reason and the simple solution.  Above all, pray for healing over those sweet tootsies that they will no longer turn inward and she will have completely restored feet!  Currently she is unable to practice much weight bearing exercises nor can she effectively practice taking steps without tripping over her own feet.  This saddens me as she is mentally ready to begin practicing stepping and walking.  Her heels are doing great with the recent heel cord lengthening surgery and we are getting a good 90% angel for her AFO braces, but it's the bowing of the feet holding her back. 

Well, this is such a long post, but we wanted our family and prayer folks to be fully armed with the info so your prayers can be targeted.   We are so blessed to have our sweet family and friends who pray!  I cannot express to you, nor will many of you believe I'm telling the truth, but we can FEEL a covering when you pray.  It's like we are guarded/covered by an invisible, yet tangible cloak as we walk out this path with our precious Rhema.  She must feel it too…when she is older I'm sure she will tell you the same.  So for the hundredth time, thank you, thank you, thank you our sweet friends who pray for your prayers.  We need them.  We covet them.  We are thankful for them. 

We will update as the day goes to keep you all in the loop. 🙂