December Praying Rhema Dec 2013 SNAG-0000My Little Prayer Warrior….

It’s time for knees-to-meet-carpet and pray!  Rhema’s big feet & leg surgery is on Monday at 7am.  We have to be there at 5am for paperwork and IV placement.  We’ve busied ourselves with all the preparations here at the house, done all the medical preparations necessary for a 2 month confinement to a wheelchair, and done all we can do to prepare for all that surgery brings with it.  Now, all that is left to do is to wait, pray and see the Lord’s blessing and favor shower down like rain on our precious girl.

We are specifically praying for the surgeon and his team to have specific wisdom and skill provided by our Lord before, during and after the operation.  We are praying for a successful operation that will give Rhema the feet she needs to not only walk, but run and dance!  Yes, I said RUN and DANCE! 🙂   We are praying for peace to rest on all of us, especially Rhema, throughout this whole process.  We are praying for protection from any kind of infection from the surgery, during the 4 weeks of open wounds from the metal pins and the following 4-6 weeks while the wounds close and heal.  We are praying for creative ideas and opportunities during the next two months to help occupy and entertain Rhema as she will be wheelchair bound entirely and not be able to crawl.

Also, we are praying that during our hospital time and all the follow-up appointments for us to be a blessing and the “hands and feet of Jesus”.  In whatever place the Lord leads us, we desire to be a blessing and represent Him well.  Pray that we have opportunities to do just that.

Also, we ask that your say a special prayer for two of our medical team that we are missing.  Rhema’s previous surgeon that is on permanent medical leave due to an illness that has taken him from his practice.  He is a dear man and we pray daily for his healing and for his family.  Also, during our hospital stay we will miss our precious social worker that has ALWAYS been there for our previous hospital stays and clinic visits.  I do not have words to say how AMAZING this woman was to our family and how many times she helped us!  I count her a precious friend and we were scheduled to see her at Christmas when we visited.  However, only a week after her retirement she was in a horrific car accident that took one of her legs and severely damaged the other one.  On our last visit to the hospital for clinic we drove over to her hospital and took her a basket of goodies.  At that time her surgeons were trying to save both of her legs, but only a few days after our visit they had to amputate one of them.  We’ve grieved over our precious friend’s ordeal and keep track of her progress with her family.  We do hope to see her if possible on one of our visits.  Please join us in praying for these two precious individuals who have so blessed and impacted our Rhema’s life.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  We know God’s got this and we wait expectantly to see His finger-prints of blessing all over this experience.  Amen & Amen!