“It’s a Potty!”

Well, she found it!  I’m still working away in Rhema’s new space and I’d bought this potty many many months ago and just put it away for safe keeping.  Well, in all the moving back and forth she found the potty and was delighted with her find.  She said, “Sit on it…sit on it, potty, SIT ON IT!”  So, we took it into her room and let her “sit on it”.  She was all smiles!  Yes, a happy, happy, happy potty girl!

  I’ve no idea how to begin using this precious Elmo potty with her…. Her urologist, when we saw him last clinic, said it’s still a bit early to work on this when we last saw him.  Rhema has the typical neurogenic bladder and bowel issues i.e. she leaks all the time.  So, traditional “potty-training” goes out the window and we have much to learn in this area.  Daily I pray for healing over her “elimination” nerves and muscles which were damaged by the Spina Bifida.  Only by the Lord’s healing will Rhema avoid many more serious surgeries and not have to utilize cathing and other medical interventions to “eliminate”.

Oh, how I cringe when I think about all that is before us. Nevertheless, for now, momma chooses to focus on the NOW and let tomorrow be just where it is….tomorrow.  For now, momma enjoys her little girl’s delight and finding a new treasure–her ELMO POTTY!