Rhema loved her Birthday surprise!  We inflated a small pool and put in some balls and toys!  She was very excited when she saw it and called it her “boat”.  We are working on her picking up balls and throwing or putting them into bowls.  It has been very exciting to see her actually throw a few balls and pull up to a stand on the side of the pool.

Rhema is feeling much better.  She is still very restless at night, so Momma is up and down many times through the evening, but over all she is much improved.  Her swelling has gone down completely at times!  We are glad to see the swelling fluctuate as it’s a good sign that her shunt is performing and her infections are healing.  We are waiting, watching and praying continually that this bump in the road is past and she is stable once more.  This week our goal is to resume normal activity and see how she responds.  There is an opening on Thursday for us in clinic if needed, but our prayer is that we won’t need it.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Rhema.  She is one blessed little girl to have all you folks supporting her and prayerfully walking with her on her journey.  We do not take one of you for granted and speak blessings over you daily with Rhema in our prayers.  We will continue posting Birthday pictures and updates on her recovery.

Blessings to you all, our dear friends and family who pray!