Rhema got her new braces from her buddy Mr Bill. She won’t be working on walking until January to give her feet pleanty of time to heal. We do hope to begin working on standing soon once we know for sure if her heels are okay. 

We are headed to the doctor tomorrow and then possibly on to wound care for both her heels. She has pressure sores on both heels; the right one is the worst. Both sores are closed and we hope to keep it that way. 

Both her feet have been swollen so we’ve been using ice periodically to help. This pink outfit was one of her surprises after her casts came off. She was one HAPPY girl! 

We got her home and she had a warm bath to begin getting her legs cleaned up. All her incisions appear to be healing well. The heels are our primary concern. I’m posting a picture below, again to help out our fellow parents who have children with nerve damage and/or have to have surgeries.  So if you do not want to see the pictures below, do not scroll down. 

We will post tomorrow with what we find out from her pediatrician. We appreciate your prayers for healing and protection over her skin. 

Post-op is a time where we have lots of work to do to promote healing and protect her skin.  Rhema is feeling fine and happy to have the casts off so she feels like going back to business as usual. It’s our job to keep her safe and manage her expectations of movement without being a “wet-blanket” all the time. It’s a fragile balance for us with her as we understand her desire to move without the casts weighing her down but helping her not to be careless with her legs.  

So here are her legs and heels after her bath…….