Pirates and Princesses Dance 1 April 2014 SNAG-0006Our Princess With Her Pirate Sword

Rhema recently attended her first theatrical performance entitled “Pirates and Princesses”.  It was a huge chance since she gets overwhelmed easily with loud music, clapping and crowds, but with the content being two of her favorite things, we had to take the chance.  It was a HUGE success; Rhema LOVED it!  She was so cute dressed in her little Princess dress and wielding her Pirate sword I picked up at a consignment shop.  Rhema sat so still,and with mouth opened, watched each song and dance number intently.  She would stir in her chair and lean over to me when the lights would dim between each dance number, but she had little fear and was just fascinated!

Pirates and Princesses Dance 2 April 2014 SNAG-0005

Each time the lights dimmed, Rhema would say, “here comes another dance” and she would rock back and forth excitement.

Rhema got to meet many of the cast member after the show!

Pirates and Princesses Dance 3 April 2014 SNAG-0004

When we got home she talked and talked about it and would not let us take off her Princess dress.  LOL!  So, she ate her dinner in her pink recliner in full Princess garb!

I was so excited to see Rhema do well with this new experience!  Next, we will see a movie in a theater!!!  Yea Rhema!!!!!!!!!

Pirates and Princesses Dance 4 April 2014 SNAG-0003