Pink Gloves– What other color were you expecting?!

Recently for Rhema’s ride it was cold and very windy; I’d checked the weather and brought these little gloves along just in case.  Earlier in the week I allowed Rhema to play with the gloves to get her accustomed and then sat down to practice putting them on.  Boy, she did not like that at all!  She’s always had issues with her hands, she does not like them to be touched much or held, but WOW I was surprised at the fight she put up not to have the gloves on her hands!  Eventually I was able to get them on and calm her down and she decided that they were not too bad.  She just stared at them and moved her fingers up and down.  So, when her therapist said that Rhema’s hands had gotten really cold I said I would try to put the gloves on but was not sure what to expect.  Her therapist got a good hold on her waist belt and I began putting one glove on; she did fuss a little, but nothing like she did at home for the trial run.  We got both gloves on and she just stared and smiled a little while watching her fingers move up and down.  It was such a relief that she would wear them and ride as we will need them for the Winter months ahead.  As I trailed the horse, occasionally she would look at me and say “off” while looking at the gloves and I would say “Not now….later…in a few minutes” and she would not respond and would keep riding.  She just rolls with it and adapts to so many things well.  What a good, patient little girl I have– I am so blessed!