Rhema received her gait trainer this week!  I was a bit concerned that she would cry and not like to be strapped into it as earlier last week we were given a loaner gait trainer and she pitched a fit when we got her in it.  However, she did great while the therapist positioned her in it and adjusted all the straps and height levels.  There was a little whining, but nothing to major; I was very pleasantly surprised.

This Pacer Unit had much more padding around the part that hugs her body , which I think was more comfortable than the other unit, and the fact that it’s pink I think helps a lot. 😉  Ha ha ha!

There is a harness that she can sit in to rest while she works up stamina and we hope to remove it soon and see how does without it.  Right now she will push up to a stand and stand for a few minutes in the gait trainer, but she like to sit in it mainly.  That’s not the goal, but she is adjusting to using it and we will move at her pace in removing the harness.




The floor was very slick, so Rhema was able to “walk” herself over to a tall mirror that was in front of her!  The therapist helped a little by pushing the handle on the back of the gate trainer, but she did “step” her way there!  We were very excited to see her watching her legs in the mirror and moving toward herself to get a closer view.

We are so thankful that things are finally coming together and we are getting closer to the goal of mobility for her.  Currently, it is reality that she will still spend partial time in a wheelchair, unless there is a miracle and she is radically healed (I pray for that daily, several times daily), however if in these early years of life we can help her gain some mobility she will not have to be wheel chair “bound”.  We want to help her use all that she has so that she has options and also so that what she does have does not atrophy.  She is doing wonderfully with all these quick changes and we are encouraged.

Thank you all for your continued prayers over these next few months as we will begin hippo therapy soon and will be using her new “dancing pants” and her gait trainer more and more.  Pray that we have wisdom in how to use these new instruments and pray that she accepts them easily into her daily routine.  Oh, my major concern is that she must wear a helmet for her hippo therapy and she WILL NOT put on a helmet currently!  She cries and pushes it away and off her head….  I’m not sure how to transition her into using it, but we are working on it.  Your prayers about wisdom for us in how to get her adjusted into using it would be MUCH appreciated. 🙂

Blessings to you all, our sweet friends and family who pray!!!