Feeling Better!

Wow!  Yesterday was crazy, Rhema was: lethargic, fussy, had a temp of 101.3 and then vomited up all her dinner last night! WHEW!  It was a doozie of a day! However, Praise the Lord, Rhema woke up fever free and almost back to her peppy-self.  She did eat a good breakfast, part of a good lunch and has not been really fussy at all.  Yesterday she would not let me put her down all day and today she is playing by herself in her play area as we speak!  Yea Rhema!  She is still not 100% yet, so we are taking things slow today to allow her to regain her strength.

Rhema has her follow-up appointment with her wound care specialist tomorrow.  Even with this appointment we will keep things low key to ensure she is fully recovered for church Sunday and in preparation for our clinic day at the beginning of next week.

Thank you all so much for your prayers for our Rhema!  Even little hiccups like this affect her shunt (we did some swelling for three days) and CSF levels so we take all illness very seriously and watch her carefully.  Continue praying that she fully recovers soon in time for her busy week next week.  Many, many thanks to all who continue to pray or our precious Rhema!  ((Hugs!))

Love, Rhema’s Momma