I am so sorry I was unable to post anything from the hospital when Rhema had her procedure.  I could not get my blog app to work on my phone.  We arrived home last night and Rhema began showing signs of sniffles and was up all night sneezing and stuffed up.  Poor kid had a rough night; we are not sure if it’s a cold, or something she picked up at the hospital or if it’s a response to all the stuff they did during the procedure.  When the doctor called yesterday we found out that Rhema had a tube inserted into her nose and down into her throat.  We had been concerned as she had a lot of blood in her nose and her voice was very raspy since the procedure.  Plus, she’s had a stuffy nose with some light congestion since she’s returned from the OR.   We are just not sure why she has all this congestion all of a sudden.   Please pray whatever it is, Rhema recovers soon and that if it’s contagious, that it’s not “shared” with anyone at our household.

Well, below is what I wanted to post on the day while at the hospital.

On Way to Dentist Pro now 2014 SNAG-0001On Our Way….

Rhema woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am to head to her Dental procedure.  It was 25 degrees out there so we bundled her up and headed to the hospital.

Waiting New Friends Dentist Pro 2014 SNAG-0000New Buddies!

Doc McStuffins felt like the right choice of toys for this particular hospitalization.  Rhema loved all her little plush toys and played all day with them.

Feeling Loopy Dentist Pro Nov 2014 SNAG-0007 She’s Loopy!

Rhema, after any of her past hospitalizations, would have a series of night terrors each night ranging from 3 days up to a week.  Every night she would wake up crying and upset post-surgery/procedure.  So, last time they offered a pre-surgery anti-anxiety med which did seem to help; she had no night terrors following her last procedure when they took out the metal pins from her legs months ago.  When we talked to the anesthetist this go around we mentioned this and they agreed that it would be appropriate for this procedure as well.  So, Rhema got the little squirt of meds in an oral syringe and she was so loopy this time.  Last time she just sat there, showing no signs that the meds were working; this time she was down-right loopy and silly.  It was funny to watch, but it at the same time was sad to know that we had to resort to chemicals.  It’s the lessor of two evils: give meds that are ultimately not good for her body OR let her fully experience all this trauma and relive it over and over at night in her dreams.  We prayed and talked about it and felt it was best to allow her the “escape” from the trauma and we trust the Lord that the meds will not not harm her body.  I hate she has to go through this stuff, but it’s the journey she’s on and we pray for wisdom each day to steward her well each step of the way.

Leaving for Dentist Pro NOv 2014 SNAG-0006The Long Hallway…

Rhema had such wonderful nurses working with her.  She had a lovely lady who took her off to the OR.  This is the one of the worst parts of this Journey: the long-hallway.  All momma’s who had children with special needs knows what I’m talking about— its the hallway that leads your child away from you, into the hands of physicians and surgeons.  There is a point in the hallway where you can continue no further and your child is taken down it away from you.  The next worst part is THE WAIT.  Waiting and praying is all you can do until you hear the knock on the door or you are called to the desk with an update on how your child has handled the procedure.   Both the Hallway and the Wait never get any easier on this Journey.

Momma & Rhema after Dentist Proc Nov 2014 SNAG-0000Groggy & Upset Princess…

Rhema was very upset while coming out of anesthesia; she did not want to drink anything for a while and only wanted to be cuddled.  Poor kid was just not happy.  They will not remove the IV or release Rhema until she drank something and could see she was okay.  There is really no hurrying this process; we were simply waiting on Rhema to decide she would drink something.  The nurse melted down a pop sickle and brought in an “icy” thinking that Rhema might be more interested in it.  We watched a “Sid the Science Kid” show about pop-sickles and kept encouraging her to taste the Icy.  Daddy ate some, momma ate some and finally I dabbed some on my finger and wiped it on her lips.  Rhema licked it and then seemed interested.  We showed her the bendy straw and I got her to let me drop some icy in her mouth via the straw.  YAY!  We were one step closer to getting outta there!

Also, note the sticker on my hat— it’s the first time Rhema has given me something of hers as a gift.  She stuck it on my hat and said, “there it’s for you.”  Ya’ll I cried and wore it proudly the rest of the day.

Super Girl Ready to Go Dentist Pro Nov 2014 SNAG-0005It’s Super Rhema!

I packed her Super Suit, complete with cape and mask, for after the surgery.  Rhema loves being a Super Hero and I knew it would perk her up.  Even in her groggy, uncomfortable state she was so happy to see her cape and mask.

Lobby Hosptial Dentist Pro Nov 2014 SNAG-0004The Trees!

Rhema “flew” all over the Children’s Lobby looking at the Christmas Trees.  It’s always wonderful to see all the trees donated to the hospital and how festive the lobby looks.  It so reminds me of our first visit to Children’s when Rhema had her last emergency Shunt revision-December 2012.  While Daddy when to bring the van around and get it warmed, Rhema and I rolled around and looked at each tree.  It’s always such a humbling experience to sit in the lobby at Children’s.  On your worst day, I encourage anyone to just go sit in the lobby for just an hour– you will leave thankful and humbled I guarantee it.   This time I was humbled to watch an oncology child, probably around 10 years old, being walked in laps around the lobby with their PT therapist and two nurses.  The child was bald, weak and almost stumbling around, fully needing the waist belt with handles what the nurses held onto, providing stability and support.  I said silent prayers as I watched this child looking at each of the trees and listened to the nurses and PT trying to make the laps a little more fun.  Such a humbling site to see this child, literally fighting for her life.  I held Rhema a little tighter and longer later that night as we headed to bed.

After Dentist Pro bath Nov 2014 SNAG-0002Green Crunchies!

We were not prepared with the type of food and drink we’d need after such a procedure: only clear liquids and soft foods like noodles or rice.  So, we made a beeline for a local Whole Foods where I was able to get what Rhema needed for the next 48 hours.  We were so blessed that Rhema never did have any issues with vomiting; she drank apple and white grape juice really well, and then had several small helping of noodles and orzo.  I was also able to find her favorite -kale flakes- aka. “green crunchies”!  Rhema loves these paper-thin peices of seasoned Kale and since they are flakey and thin I thought they’d be okay to accompany her “soft diet” for the 48 hours.

We finally made it back to the hotel before rush hour; we bathed her to get rid of any germs, cleaned the blood out of her nose and kept the activity level down to a dull roar.  I am so proud of her!  Each time she has a bump in the road, she always passes my expectations in how she handles all this.  Rhema has such a joyful, sweet, gracious way of dealing with all stuff; I am one blessed momma!

Thank you all for your prayers and again, I apologize for the delay in update.  Know that we felt your prayers and Rhema did wonderfully.  Please keep up the prayers that this “sniffles” that she’s developed over night are short-lived.  Blessings to you all and we will keep you updated on her progress!