I Love My Hippy Book!

Rhema is now a Hippy!  LOL!  In addition to going to a little preschool program twice a week, Rhema is participating in another learning program that provides weekly school materials right to our home.  We’ve just met our Hippy Representative and we are loving the program!  We are going slow with all this change and working on a new schedule that incorporates all of Rhema’s therapies, all of her new school activities, plus all the new medical interventions we will soon be beginning, plus her extracurricular activities such as fall Miracle League T-ball!  Whew!  Our schedule was already very busy and now it’s shifted into LUDICROUS SPEED!  LOL!  I’m trying to not feel overwhelmed, but at the moment I am a bit.  But I will figure it all out soon and we will back into a rhythm.

Rhema loved her “BUS!” shirt that the Hippy director gave her!  Yes, she is one happy little Hippy!