Our extended family….

WOW!  My baby girl is growing up so fast and will be 3 years old on this Friday!  So, today was Rhema’s last session of her Early Intervention program.  We found out that her Early Intervention physical therapist will be assigned to the next program that Rhema will begin attending so we will at least have that friendly face continuing on with us.  However, Stephanie, the precious lady pictured here, will cease to be on Rhema’s case load due to Rhema aging out of her program.  It was a sad for me as I’ve gotten to be friends with this lady and she has ALWAYS been amazing with Rhema and been very helpful to our family.

You know, having a child with special needs means that you open up your life and home to perfect strangers who have expertise, assistance and input.  This exposure had proven to be both a positive and a negative experience at times.   We work hard to develop and maintain a good team of folks; people who have Rhema’s best interest at heart, are experts in their field and who are encouraging.  Stephanie has been one of the best folks we’ve found in Early Intervention and we are saddened that our time with her is complete.  We pray the Lord blesses Stephanie for her kindness, assistance and friendship to our family.  You will be missed sweet friend and we will keep up with you as best we can as Rhema continues to grow and excell!  Blessings to you sweet friend!