……………………………….Here it is!

Mural with Troy Mar 2014 SNAG-0006Mr. Troy & Our Masterpiece

So, Mr. Troy finished and they both posed in front of Rhema’s face in the mural.  Then Mr. Troy turned around and looked at the picture and said, “oh, she needs some curls!”  So, he grabbed his brush and went back to work on Rhema’s picture…….

Mural curls added with Troy Mar 2014 SNAG-0005He made her hair more blond and added some precious little curls…….

Here is the final image of our precious Rhema………..

Mural Finished Face March 2014 SNAG-0004It is such a beautiful picture of her.  We think it is a good image of her when she is thinking or pondering something.  What an honor and joy it was to be a part of such a wonderful mural.  We hope that he will be hired back to continue his work on the mural and fill the entire wall.  Here is a shot of just a section of it so you can see some of the other faces he painted.

Mural Wall March 2014 SNAG-0003

I entitled these posts “Oh, How Jesus Loves Rhema” because during the whole two days of this wonderful experience the song “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillian kept playing in my head.  I actually wanted to entitle these posts “A Sloppy Wet Kiss” but I did not know if most folks would understand the reference.  Really, just having time with my little girl, out of the house, on two such beautiful days, and being included in such a wonderful experience — it just overwhelmed me with the love of Jesus.  I cannot explain it, but it was like a precious kiss-from-the-Lord, having that time and that experience with Rhema.  What a refreshing treasure it was, for those few moments, to forget about hospitals, medical stuff, mounting bills….. So much of our lives, Rhema’s life, has been so tense and with so much loss….. I tend to forget about life outside our life.  There were folks painting, strolling around taking pictures, a guy playing saxophone for pure pleasure in the park, little kids running around and stopping to paint with sidewalk chalk nearby, …….  You know, LIFE!  Outside of medical walls.  Outside of therapy centers and medical appointments.

So, I wanted to say “THANK YOU” to my God for such a lovely day, such a lovely, unforgettable experience as the mural painting, and for such a precious time with my girl Rhema.  I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Troy Wandzel, the artist, for including Rhema and us in this extraordinary experience.  It was not only a blessing, but a breath of fresh air over all our lives and for all these reasons I will exclaim, WE ARE BLESSED!