Ipad in the Park March 2014 SNAG-0008The Tablet In The Park!

Okay, so this little girl has some crazy, Favor on her life.  We see it all the time, how the Lord blesses her, but He’s over done Himself this time!  Last week Rhema and momma decided to get out of the house and go down to a local festival.  It would just be she and I going, so, many times I hesitate taking her to new places I’m unsure about how to maneuver around with her, but this day the weather was just too pretty to pass up.  I kept hearing my friend, Jackie’s voice in my head saying, “with our kinds of kids it’s hard to go places many times, but when we figure out how to pull it off– it’s ALWAYS worth the effort!”  So, I took her advice and Rhema and I took off to this little outdoor art event.

I rolled her around in her stroller and we looked at all the outdoor booths and the vendors.  It was a wonderful day; and it got even better when we met this one artist.  His name is Troy.  Troy was commissioned by the city to paint a mural on the outside of a local building and he was doing faces of folks he met.  Rhema and I sat in the park and watched him paint face after face on the bricks of this old, beautiful building.  There was a lady sitting nearby who began asking questions about Rhema and why did she have casts on both legs.  As we watched Mr. Troy transform the bricks in front of us into faces of  folks in the crowd, I explained to her about Rhema’s journey.  The lady knew Jesus and prayed for Rhema while we sat there; it was a lovely experience meeting this precious sister-in-the-Lord.  After we sat there a while, enjoying the day and watching Mr. Troy, she said, “hey, he should paint Rhema!”  She jumped up and went up and asked him would he consider including Rhema and he looked back at us, smiled and said “sure, he’d love to.”  WOW!  So, Mr. Troy asked us would we return the next day and he would paint Rhema’s face into the mural!

Mural Beginning Mar 2014 SNAG-0007Such a patient girl!

So, we returned the next day to see Mr. Troy.  The day was beautiful again, so we just enjoyed meeting folks and watching him continue to paint.  We waited around 2 1/2 hours before he was able to get to painting Rhema; she was so patient!   She sat in her wagon and watched him paint.  There was some little girls in the park too and they would come over and play with Rhema and the tablet.  Rhema had a blast and it was so fun to see her face take shape among the others he’d painted over the last two days.

What an honor to have our little girl’s beautiful face on a mural in our home town!  It was such a wonderful experience……

Oh, you want to see how it turned out…… Part Two: Oh, How HE Loves Rhema…… it posts tomorrow!

Wait for it…………………………..