Momma & Rhema on Pnut Fair Ride Nov 2015 SNAG-0004

Rhema & Momma on a Peanut Fair Ride Nov 2015

Bye Bye Peanut Fair, thanks for the memories!

This is my favorite picture of us!  I had lost around 30 pounds at that point and was able to ride the kiddie rides with her comfortably!  Look at that smile; she’s my GIRL!

Pnut Fair blowing horn Nov 2015 SNAG-0005

Peanut Fair 2015

Bye Bye Peanut Fair, We Loved Every Minute of The Night!

Rhema loved the fair this year and this was the first time she’d independently/spontaneously blown in a horn to make really loud noises!  It was a wonderful, deafening show!

Pnut Fair Corn Eating Nov 2015 SNAG-0003

Peanut Fair Corn on the Cobb- Hippy Program Day 2015!

Bye Bye Peanut Fair, we loved the yummy treats we tasted!

Rhema wanted to bring home an ear of corn from the Hippy Family Day we took her to at the Fair!

Pnut Fair Piggy Rhema NOv 2015 SNAG-0002

Hippy Family Day at Peanut Fair November 2015

Bye Bye Fun Fair Shows; We especially liked the piggy show!

Rhema did not like the loud announcer at the show and the loud music, but she did watch a little of when the little piggy’s raced around their course.  The best part was the piggy nose; she loved it!

We also met a wonderful young man who was the coordinator for the special needs visitors to the fair; he is from California.  Our family took him out to dinner before he left town and we really hope to see him again November 2016.