This is one of my most favorite pictures as of late of Rhema, Rarah & Cousin Sanako!

I know Thanksgiving is a distant memory, but I had to share this precious picture of my girl watching her first Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade with her buddys!  Rhema LOVED the parade and would gasp at each “balloon” and float she would wave and blow sugars saying “Hey, hey it’s good to see you!”  She loved the bands and all the dancing groups.  Rhema was so very animated while watching it, I quit watching the parade and just watched her!  What a precious gift children are (Rhema is); we as parents get to see everything again fresh and new through their eyes.  So many times while watching her I hear the precious Holy Spirit inside me saying “….as a child….” reminding me of the emphasis the Lord puts on being “child-like”.  Who knew that as I teach her that she would teach me too?  God can be so sneaky sometimes!  LOL!