Rhema has been admitted to Childrens to see her Neurosurgeon tmw morning. The good news is her ventricals are not enlarged. The bad news is we don’t know why she is having swelling and not sleeping well. Currently she is looking okay, i.e. not crying and looking uncomfortable, she’s just tired like the rest of us. So, they will admit her, observe her and check for other issues like UTIs and such to see if they can find out why she’s uncomfortable. We are very excited to talk to her Neuro tmw for more explaination about her shunt and why she keeps having issues. Please keep her in your prayers. We need to find out what’s wrong so she can feel better, so pray for wisdom for her docs. Pray for good nurses for IV sticks and blood draws and for good staffing overall. Also, please pray protection while she’s here that she doesn’t pick anything else up. Thank you sweet friends and family who pray…we will post more updates soon.