Rhema Purple sucker1 June 2014 SNAG-0002

We have added a new category to Rhema’s Blog that will help capture the hilarious things we get to hear straight from our Silly Girl’s lips….

Rhema keeps us laughing all the time with her joyous spirit and hilarious perception of the world around her.

We thought we’d share the love….

Here’s a few to catch you up…..

-Her Breakfast Order-

Setting the Scene:  Sunday Morning, In The Kitchen, Momma Packing Rhema’s Lunch Box Before Heading to Church

Momma: “Rhema, Momma’s got your juice packed for church and lunch time.  Do you want a water for the road?”

Rhema: *rolling around the kitchen,getting into things she should not be* “No momma, I just want some coffee…”

Momma: *trying not to mess-up my eyeliner due to eyes watering from laughing so hard* “No, you may not have coffee.  What is your Daddy doing with you at breakfast time that Momma doesn’t know about!”

Rhema: *big smile*

Momma: *Note to self: kill Daddy if he is giving her coffee* LOL!


-Momma is Green and Crunchy-

Setting the Scene:  *Morning, Momma’s showered and dressed for the day, I go and pick Rhema up for a diaper change

Momma: “Good morning my precious…. come on to momma, let’s go get a change.”

Rhema: *arms up and dives toward momma.  I pick her up and she lays her head down on my shirt and then begins smelling me *

Momma: “Rhema, why are you smelling me??”

Rhema: “You smell…..you smell…… you smeeeelllllll……liiiiike….. green beans….”

Momma: “What!  Like green beans!”

Rhema: “Yes, like green beans….. I like green beans….”

Momma: I got a good giggle out of this and thought, “Well, at least she admits she likes green beans, buy whey would she say I smell like them?????”

*There are many things Rhema says that even after I mull it over, I never figure it out, but this one I finally figured out.  I always saute Rhema’s fresh beans in coconut oil so they are tasty and yet still a little crunchy.  And on that day, after I’d showered I put a tiny bit on coconut oil in my hair as an experiment to see if it would help smooth it.   Hence, momma smelled like green beans due to the coconut oil!!!  LOL!*