Farmers Market Mermaid June 2014 SNAG-0000Fun With Flowers!

Rhema and momma’s outing days are like marathons, we start in the morning and go all day!  We are loving going to Farmer’s Markets this summer and seeing all the fresh veggies, fruits and flowers!  Rhema took her little mermaid friend, named Shelly, to one of the places and showed her all the flowers!

Toys R Us Animals & Rhema June 2014 SNAG-0001Furry Friends!

Rhema loved this little herd of fuzzy, furry friends!  She pet each of them, hugged them and even gave some sugars!  LOL!  She kept saying, they are so soft!

Asleep June 2014 SNAG-0006She Gone!

After a long day of errands, this is how Rhema ends up and momma feels!  LOL!  Hasn’t she gotten so tall?  She is approximately 40 inches tall!  I measured her today!

I love every moment with my Rhema!  It is a hassle to take her in and out of the van, nothing is quick with her: get her into her wheelie, keep a check on her diaper for leaks, changing her diapers, cathing, keeping her hands clean from the wheelie’s wheels, keeping her hydrated and fed,…whew…. but on errand days, I love having her by my side!  We have such fun together!