Rhema 1st AFO she picked out pattern May 2015 SNAG-0001 SNAG-0000The 1st AFO Pattern She’s Picked Out!

Also during our absence from posting Rhema experienced a 1st!  During our last Spina Bifida clinic Rhema picked out her own AFO braces pattern– stars!

So, we visited with her Orthopedic Surgeon, who informed us we may be able to wait until Fall of 2016 before doing another surgery on her feet, and then headed over to see Mr. Hans to get her new AFO’s.   Our buddies also lengthened her big braces (KAFO’s) due to Rhema’s rapid growth in the last few months.  With Rhema’s big progress of actively walking on her own, we were so very glad to get her KAFO’s ready to go.  Her AFO’s will need adjusting as they keep slipping off, so that’s on the docket for the month of July.

Now that Rhema’s wounds on her ankles are pretty much all healed up we are anxious to get her back to PT and weight bearing.  We are so proud of Rhema’s improvements and know that she will just skyrocket from here!

If you ask her, she will tell you she is a SUPER STAR! LOL!