Our precious girl fast asleep!

I so enjoy snuggling with Rhema at night before she sleeps; this is the beauty I get to enjoy every night.

For the last two weeks, however Rhema has not slept through the night and refuses to take naps in her room.  She wakes up every 2-3 hours at night and cries wanting “OUT”  or “Momma”.  Her shunt is fine and we see no reason for this disturbance; it is a very real problem.  We’ve consulted our Pediatrician and have begun a very low dose of Melatonin and I’m praying that will help her.  As I’m typing this she is supposed to be napping and I can see her on the monitor whining saying “all done Momma and come and get ya Momma”.  It’s very pitiful!  We are holding our ground some nights and I curl up in her tiny bed with her and she falls back asleep eventually, other times I just take her to the “big bed” and she sleeps the rest of the night with me.  I do not let her cry or whine long as it’s not healthy for her shunt or her incontinence issues, but I do try to let her have a time span to try calm down and self -soothe.  In the past she has been able to self-soothe, but lately that is not happening at all. What has changed I cannot figure out!

Please pray that the Lord give us wisdom to discern if there is a health issue we are missing.  Also, pray if this is just a phase it will pass soon; not getting continuous sleep is wearing on both Rhema and Momma.

PS. It’s been 30 minutes and she is not calming down….I’m going to get her now….. 🙁