I had to do this post to give you all a giggle today.  We took Rhema to a night of worship at one of churches we are visiting.  It was a wonderful time of worship and Rhema enjoyed watching all the folks clapping, singing and all the instruments.  She is really wonderful during church; we can say “shhh, quiet, like a mouse” and she will start to whisper instead of talking loudly.  That particular phrase came out of an Elmo book (surprise, surprise) and she can say the whole phrase!

Anyway, the funny thing that happened was during the quite worship time the pastor offered communion and we participated.  You know how it goes, the bread then the wine, very somber and quietly.  Well, recently, at home, Rhema has picked up the habit of after every sip of juice she says “ahhh” to show she’s enjoying her drink.  We just laugh when she does it as it reminds us of my late grandfather “Big Pop” who taught all us (when we were toddlers) to make this funny noise.  Well, this funny “ahhhh” sound found it’s place to church and during our very somber, worshipful communion service.  Rhema was sitting quietly playing, not seemingly paying any attention, as we “took the wine in rememberance of Him”.  I no sooner put my juice cup down from my lips that I heard Rhema say “Ahhhhhh!” quite loudly!  Well, I just about lost it and almost had to leave the service.   It was so funny to me that I almost needed someone to tell me “shhhh, quite, like a mouse!” because I was giggling so loudly.  And before anyone gets too “religious” on me and say “how inappropriate”, let’s remember God has a sense of humor and I’m sure He got a giggle out of it too.  How amazingly funny and precious it is to share “new experiences” with my precious Rhema!  She can be surprising sometimes! 🙂

Now aren’t you glad you read your email to day on this dreary Monday?  Have a giggle and a smile “on us” and lift a prayer of thanksgiving to your Savior, Jesus and remember anew what He has done for you.

Blessings to you all, our sweet friends and family who pray….