Rollin’ In A Wagon Of Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day To All Our Family & Friends Who Pray!

Rhema has LOVED getting to “test drive” all the wagons that will be donated to Children’s Hospital!  I think when they are all out of the house and no where to be found, she will be sad and wonder where they went.  It’s funny, but Rhema does not even have a wagon of her own yet!  We may have to rectify that problem soon, especially after her being surrounded by these twelve wagons for several weeks now! LOL!

With our trip being delayed we’ve not really discussed any plans for Valentines Day for our little family.  We’ve had so much rain for so long now that if we see the sun tomorrow that will be the best Valentine’s present for us all!  Maybe if it’s sunny, and Rhema sniffles are not too bad we can take her out to slide at a play ground or something nice for a short while and enjoy the outdoors for a change.

We hope and pray that all of you have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day, tell those you love how much they mean to you and “Show Some Love” to folks that you care about!  Make a card, send some flowers, give a ballon, make a meal, and give many, many hugs and sugars to those who are blessings in your life.  If you know Jesus, then you have “been made new and have love” ; He lives inside you and HE IS LOVE!  Share His love with those you love and make Him smile today!