Rhema Cookin' With Momma Big Momma Casserole Jan 2014 SNAG-0003 SNAG-0003Helping Momma With Dinner

Rhema is in love with cooking right now.  She helps her daddy cook eggs in the morning, and in the picture above she is helping momma make a casserole.  My precious grandmother (Big Momma) had a wonderful chicken and broccoli casserole that I’m learning to make.  It’s easy-peasy, but rarely do I get any dish correct on the first run; I have to work on it over and over.  Rhema watched the process intently and we talked about each of the steps I was doing.  She was fascinated!  I’m so glad she seems to have gotten her Daddy’s cooking genes!!!  Momma could barely boil water when she married daddy, so I know she did not get her love of cooking from me.  I’ve since become much better, but I’m still nothing compared to Rhema’s daddy!  I’m so glad to see her daily curiosity; I know that whatever she puts her hands to she will succeed!