Rhema Garden Sand Table5 May 2014 SNAG-0007Quick, take the picture!

Rhema was unhappy to pause her playing for a quick picture!  LOL!  I bought this used sand table last year from a lady off of Craig’s list in preparation for this year.  I was looking at the garden the other day and thought, what a wonderful addition to our garden it would be!  Rhema LOVES  it!!!  She can dig to hear hearts content, while momma tends to the garden.  I’ve got to find a shorter chair or something, for her to sit at I think as it’s tough for her to reach her toys.  It’s so difficult having a child that cannot stand to play!  Even if she could stand somewhat, she’d have to hold on to the side and only have one hand to play.  My dad thinks we can figure out how to raise up the table maybe a little so she can sit under it comfortably.  Ideally my goal is to have a covered area outside where we can build a water table, a sand table and an accessible play table outside for her to roll up to or sit at.  I’ve got some ideas, but that takes money and builders…… Anyone got some extra wood, time, talent and mullah?  Just askin’……  LOL!   I’m planning for next summer; boy, I need to get to work on these things now!  LOL!

Rhema Garden Sand Table1 May 2014 SNAG-0011

Here are some more images of our garden.  I’ve tried to make it kid friendly, hence the vibrant colors and the fun pin-wheels!

Rhema Garden Sand Table3 May 2014 SNAG-0009

Yes, that’s a pink tool caddy!  What other color where you expecting for our Princess? It holds our tools and our spray bottles with our organic sprays!

Rhema Garden Sand Table2 May 2014 SNAG-0010

Rhema’s favorite part is the watering…. also known as “the squirter!”

Rhema Garden Sand Table6 & Water Hose May 2014 SNAG-0006

Look at our first,  little, 3 tomatoes in the foreground of this picture!  I’ve not yet shown them to Rhema; I’m waiting until they are bigger, but I’m pretty excited about them!

Rhema Garden Sand Table4 May 2014 SNAG-0008