Rhema & Family Loved Our Day At Our First Buddy Walk!

Rhema’s first experience with a “Buddy Walk” was AWESOME!  Rhema was on “Team Freddie” who are our friends from a neighboring city that we have come to love.

We saw several of her friends that she plays T-Ball with and many more awesome folks.

Rhema had a blast with a bubble machine that pumped thousands of bubbles out all over the event!  She would giggle and shriek with joy as we ran her through the bubbles!

The Buddy Walk was such an uplifting day to see so many folks celebrating their friends and families; it was truly a moving experience to be a part of that special day.

PS.  If you are admiring “Rhema’s Pink Princess Ride” above it is the same used piece of equipment that was sitting in that warehouse for years that we redeemed for Rhema.  We had a wonderful man, Mr. Durwood, who painted it pink, another wonderful man, Mr. Randy, who donated pink cushion covers and another lady, Mrs. Mirah who also helped sew a few of the cushion covers.  The shade canopy is the big addition to make it all come together and just pop!  How cute is that old beat-up ride now?!

PSS. When Rhema gets her wheelchair, and no longer needs use of this pretty pink pediatric stroller, we plan to find another little Princess who loves pink and pass on Rhema’s fabulous, pink chariot to that special child.  😉