Theraputty 1 November 2013 SNAG-0001This is not as scary as originally thought….

Rhema was introduced to thera-putty recently during an OT session and she was too scared to touch it.  Rhema many times, when presented with something new, will just not engage and/or she will resist and try to escape.  So, since I’ve been sick at home and we’ve not gone to any appointments lately I ordered in some of the dreaded thera-putty.  And…..she’s decided it’s not all that bad.  LOL!  We hide these small bears in it and have even hidden her Grover in it!

Theraputty 2 November 2013 SNAG-0000Yea Rhema for being so brave!  I’m excited when we get to return to OT next week for her therapist to see her progress!