OT November 2013 SNAG-0000What a cute little student!

Rhema waited so patiently sitting in the this little desk for her turn with Mrs. Erica and her OT time.  She played with her little dolls and talked about everything she saw in the room.  During OT she did really well too.  She was not as tentative as she was the first time and even touched the thera-putty and the OT therapist was able to get some good gauges on where Rhema is at with her fine motor development.

Scissors for 1st Time OT November 2013 SNAG-0002Scissors for the first time!

Rhema has been fascinated every time she sees me use scissors.  I’ve been reluctant to let her handle scissors because I am afraid she will hurt herself.  Plus, with not being sure what hand to get her to use; it’s just been something I’ve avoided doing thus far.  It was so cute to see her face and the excitement she had when the therapist put her little fingers through the holes and showed her how to cut.  Rhema was so focused as the therapist allowed Rhema to put the pressure on the scissors to make the cut; she was so patient with Rhema and allowed her to do it herself.

I am so excited about Rhema having this opportunity for OT and beginning to catch up with the fine motor skills that she has fallen behind on.  Soon Rhema will be doing at least another hour a week of OT and we really will be excited to see her progress then!