Waiting To Bat!

Rhema’s Miracle League coach called and asked us if we would like to participate in one more game this season due to the fact that so many games had gotten rained out.  We were so very excited and agreed to show up for this last of the last game of the spring session of Miracle League.

Pig Tail Girl!

This was the first time we every put her hair up in pig-tails!  She was so cute and kept feeling them and pulling on them during the game.

Hmmm….what bat do I want this time?

We figured it out!  She wants to pick the bat she wants each time.  If she picks it, then she will hold it!  This is only the second game ever (out of 20) that she has ever held a bat!!!  I was so excited when I figured out her pattern.  First she batted with the yellow, then the pink with butterflies, and last a red “Cars” bat.  Yep, she’s her Momma’s girl; she wants to pick it herself and likes variety!  Now, she still will not hit the ball with the bat, but hey, we are making progress! LOL!  And on the very last time at bat she did allow me to hand-over-hand hold the bat with her and we hit it together!  That was a first!!!  Yea Rhema!

Playground is a Must!

And of course, after her game we had to go and play at the playground.  Rhema loved the swing, she loved the slide and then we even crawled in the tunnel for a few minutes.  I love to hear her laugh and giggle; she is such a happy girl!