Sitting In The Sand!

Before departing from her first week of Aquatic Therapy we made it by the beach once more!

Rhema’s little cousin ran all over the beach, playing in the sand and Rhema so wanted to join in the fun, so I took off her braces and socks and plopped her right onto the beach!

Rhema just sat there for a minute and then got so excited and began playing in the soft, white sand.

It pains me so that she cannot run and play like I see her little cousin do.  I know in time, when Rhema finds her voice to tell me her feelings I will know then what to say to help her, but for now, I still struggle internally with what to tell myself.  For now, I keep my eyes focused on the now and how to make as much of life accessible and fun.  And judging by the smiles I got while swimming and at the beach, I’d say she’s having lots and lots of fun!