Wagon Walk With Casts Feb 2014 SNAG-0000Lovin’ My Wagon!

This past week, Rhema and momma enjoyed a nature walk outside!  It finally warmed up for a day and we had to get out into the fresh air!

Well, we are on our way up to Children’s; in our van, not in the wagon pictured here!  Momma does not have THAT kind of energy to pull her all the way there!  LOL!  I’m very happy to get these casts off and see what the doctor thinks of what he finds underneath.   We are praying for no infections, for the bones to be set where they need to be so the pins can be pulled.  It really bothers me that I cannot see her wounds.  When she came out of the NICU her back was still opened and we did wound care daily for 2 months to keep it safe and get it healed all the way.  As rough as that was, I was happy to be able to see the wound and monitor it.  Having Rhema’s wounds under casts where I cannot see them has been unnerving to me.  Nevertheless, we are trusting God that all is well and things will be fine when the are removed Monday morning.

We covet your prayers for a safe journey for us to and from Children’s.  Also, we ask for prayers for Rhema that peace will rest over her for the procedure and for protection from infection.  We are excited to take this next step towards good feet for our girl and know that God’s got this!  Be watching for updates on Monday and Tuesday!  Blessings to you all, our precious family and friends who pray!!!