Wagon, horse, ipad Feb 2014 SNAG-0000Rhema-check.  Wagon-check.  Horse-check.  Tablet-check!

Well, here we go……Off to Children’s for Rhema’s final cast change and the metal pin removal!!!

We’ve made it a total of 6 weeks!!!! Yea!

So, prayers will be needed Thursday morning as Rhema goes back under anesthesia for the pin removal, braces fitting and then her final casting change.  Our prayer is that peace rest on us all, no infections will be found when they remove the current casts and that we will not be exposed to any bacteria or viruses during our time at the hospital.  Praying for good casts and for positive interactions with all staff and physicians.  The Lord goes before us and we know He is with us.  Thank you all for your continued prayers!!!  We will update as the day goes!