Rhema was more focused on the two missing teeth rather than the two new casts!  She LOVES the tiny pink treasure box!!!  Anethesia Doctor came back for a visit to check on her and said that the “tooth fairy” came and brought Rhema $5 since she lost two teeth today. Wow!  THIS. THIS is why we LOVE this place!   

Daddy pulled up Elmo singing “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”. Rhema LOVED it!  #1 Christmas Goal: Get. Her. To. Sing. This. Song.  Lol!  

They let her keep her surgery mask and now bunny has it strapped to her face. We collect medical equipment so that Rhema can get familiar with it; we’ve found this is very helpful to take the scary factor away. Poor bunny, I think she had just about everything but an IV. 

We are in our van, Blue Sky’s, heard toward home. Rhema says she is hungry so we will start with some simple noodle soup. Pray for safe travels and that her tummy does well with the soup. 

I’m listening to her happily singing a Bethel worship song behind me as we drive…. She combines so many songs together but they are always so beautiful. Happy Rhema. Happy Mamma. Happy Road Trip Home!