Car Over Ramp Sept 2014 SNAG-0001Fail!

Okay so now, where is my soap box?  Here it is…..(throat clear)….. Okay now you know better than that!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  How am I supposed to get my daughter in her wheelchair into the building with you parking over the ONLY ramp in the tiny parking lot?  Now, yes I can pick her up in the chair and get it over the curb (it’s only 75+ pounds to lift) but why should I have to hurt my already hurt back to do that?!  Oh yeah, because YOU were not considerate enough to watch where you park.   Ugh!  Why do folks do this!!!????  Ugh!   (rant over)

So, this was the scene when I arrived to take Rhema to OT.  The parking lot is tiny and only has this one space.  I do not mind parking in another spot provided I have room enough to get her chair out, but there was the issue of the ramp being covered.  We arrive each week about 30 minutes early to allow Rhema time to finish her late lunch and to give me time to change and cath her so I waited and watched, praying that the lady would come out and move.  I’ve picked up Rhema’s chair over this kind of curb before with her in it, but right now I’m healing up from a back injury.   I’ve been working on it trying to get the muscle pain and swelling down so the nerve pain stops shooting down my leg; picking up her over this curb would have undone all I’ve done to heal up these past two weeks.  Ugh!  So we waited and watched.  I called the business nearest to it and asked if any of their patients owned the car and then I found out it was a lady and little boy who went into the OT place we attend.  Double Ugh!  I was praying that maybe her appointment would end when Rhema’s would begin so I would not be late for Rhema’s appointment.  I’m typically always late and it’s a personal goal of mine to work on that right now.  (I know that some of you are shocked off your butt at that statement so I will give you a moment……..I am working on it and even if you do not believe me, I do not take it lightly when I arrive late)  Anyway, I digress….. So, here’s what happened.  The precious ladies in the office I spoke with somehow got the lady who owned the car to move; I still do not know how they did it, but all of a sudden, just minutes before Rhema’s appointment, here they came and she moved the car.  Now, I felt bad as she did not have to completely move to another spot, just move over so I could use the ramp, but she completely moved to another spot.  Oh, well….. Rhema made it to her session and momma’s back did not get re-injured.   That’s a win/win and a happy ending to this unhappy situation.  Many times we’ve not had a positive outcome in parking situations so a “win” is nice!  And I was on-time!  Huzzah!  That’s a small victory for momma too and I’ll take it!